Share My Moment

Share My Moment.

Certain events only happen once in a lifetime. Being born is one of them. If I donned my philosopher’s cap I might clarify that every event only happens once in lifetime but for now I’ll keep it simple.

Today all four or five of you that read this are sharing a special moment with me, or at least it’s special to me. I recently began submitting my short stories for publication, and today the first one that has ever been accepted is published online in Gravel Online Literary Magazine, It’s called “The Truck and the Gun”

This story is under the category creative nonfiction. It isn’t creative but it is nonfiction. Give it a try and not only will you be one of the few who read my first ever accepted submission, you can also decide if you ever want to read anything I write again. Thanks Gravel Magazine. Let’s tell a story.

Link to magazine:

Link to my story:

Tell me what you think of my short story.DSC_0049 - Copy (1)


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